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Four presenters, Anthony Surratt II, Larry Ladutke, Elaine Gargiulo, and Sergio Villamizar offered their advice on how to improve each person’s odds in their favor.

ANTHONY SURRATT (Past Committee Chair)
- Make sure the applications are completed as they are handed in.
- The deadline is January 31, 2014 (Friday)
- Copies are to go to the Peer Review Committee and to your supervisor by that date

LARRY LADUTKE (2013 recipient)
-  Keep a log of everything you do to help supervisors (and yourself) know the extent of what your duties are and how well you do them.
- Be sure to include testimonials in the form of endorsements on LINKED IN and items like Thank You e-mails.

ELAINE GARGIULO (2008 recipient)
- “It’s not as hard as you think it is.”
- Get involved in campus activities.
- Make an outline of all that you do, such as a step-by-step job description and a list of what committees you serve on.
- Create a “Brag File”  It can be electronic, but keep paper copies of everything, just in case.
- Get to know your colleagues and ask them to teach you what they do and to explore ways you can collaborate .

SERGIO VILLAMIZAR: (2006 and 2010 recipient)
- Start with a table of contents.
- Include samples of what you’ve created, such as new forms or handbooks.
- Let people know about initiatives you’ve undertaken, such as creating a website for your program.
- Don’t accidentally disclose confidential information to the committee.

- Proofread. Have someone else take a look at it once you’re done to catch any typos you’ve overlooked.
- Make the portfolio well organized and easy to follow.

Professional Staff Promotion Portfolio Workshop presentation (2013)