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Countdown for the A. Harry Moore School!?

The A. Harry Moore School in Jersey City serves students with multiple physical, medical, and cognitive disabilities.  It offers over 100 students academic, therapeutic, and social programs tailored to their individual needs. The school has operated for 88 years, but will not open next year if a contract is not signed between Jersey City and New Jersey City University, both of whom have responsibility for the school. Where will the students go? There is literally no place that can provide the full range of services and support that A. Harry Moore does.

Please support the continuation of A. Harry Moore.

 A. Harry Moore accepts students between the ages of three and twenty-one and creates a second home and family for them. The children, according to the principal, want to be treated like everyone else, and this happens at A. Harry Moore, where children with multiple disabilities are the valued norm and not the exception.  

On any given day, in addition to academic programs, a visitor can see quite wonderful student art throughout the school, visit a birthday party paid for by the teacher, appreciate the music room full with instruments adapted so that the children can play them, and meet teachers who take in stride the seizures and other medical challenges of their students.   

On special days, a visitor might witness the energy, joy, and courage of the A. Harry Moore Dance Ensemble as students rehearse and then perform in the spring, or enjoy the parent/student talent show, or attend the senior prom, all wondrous signs of what the students have accomplished through the special opportunities provided by A. Harry Moore.

For many years, Jersey City and New Jersey City University have recognized the extraordinary importance of A. Harry Moore to its students and the community at large. Encourage them to continue doing so.