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Election Information


January 24, 2024
To: All members of the bargaining unit of AFT Local 1839
RE: Notice of Nominations and Upcoming Election

In accordance with US Department of Labor guidelines and AFT Local 1839 Constitution and By-Laws, the Elections Committee provides this notification to all members of the bargaining unit about the 2024 elections of union officers. This notice of election is being mailed to the NJCU email address of each member of the bargaining unit of AFT Local 1839 who has been a dues-paying member in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Nominations must be received by March 28, 2024 at 4:00pm. Nomination forms should be hand-delivered to the union’s office located in Grossnickle Hall, Room 421, or the scanned completed form should be emailed to If you are nominating someone else, please check with that person to see if they wish to be nominated.

In accordance with the local Constitution, these offices will be filled:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President, Professional Staff and Librarians
  • Vice President, A. Harry Moore
  • Vice President, Adjunct Faculty
  • Vice President, Full-time and Part-time Faculty
  • Recording Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chair of the Grievance Committee
  • Chair of the Charitable Contributions and Scholarship Committee
  • Committee on Public Education (COPE) Chair
  • Four (4) Union Representatives
    • One (1) Full-Time Faculty Union Rep   
    • One (1) Professional Staff Union Rep
    • One (1) Adjunct Faculty Union Rep
    • One (1) “At-Large” Union Rep (from any constituency)
  • Seven (7) College of NJ State College Locals (CNJSCL) Delegates and Two (2) Alternates
  • Two (2) Hudson County Labor Council Delegates

Please refer to the Local Constitution ( for information regarding the above positions. The term of all offices is two years. Please note that the President is an automatic CNJSCL & AFT National Convention Delegate.

Election schedule:

January 29 - Election announcement and call for nominations

March 28, 4:00pm - Nominations due

March 28, 4:00pm - Deadline for receipt of dues for Spring 2024

April 22, 4:00pm - Election statements due to

May 1, 12:01am - Voting opens online

May 13, 11:59pm - Online voting closes

May 16 - Election results announced

Online balloting will take place via

Who may vote and hold office:
For the purposes of voting and holding office, members are in good standing if either criterion is met:

  1. Currently a full dues paying member (not agency member) and not 60 days in arrears. Dues paying membership requires signature of an Authorization to Withhold Union Dues card available at Union Office, located in Grossnickle Hall, Room 421.
  2. Adjunct faculty and part time members who worked in Fall 2023 and are not working during the Spring 2024 semester must pay union dues for the Spring 2024 semester in order to vote or hold office and/or run for office. You must send or hand deliver a check for $55.30 (dues calculated on a basis of teaching 3 credits for the Spring semester) to the Union Office, located Grossnickle Hall Room 421, no later than March 28, 4:00pm.

Respectfully submitted by the Elections Committee:
Moshe Braunstein, Huyen Le, Patrick Shalhoub, Sachie Tsumura-Tmart, William Westerman, Chairperson (acting)